Daytrip Mycenae / Ancient Corinth/ Epidaurus – Bill & John Developments

Daytrip Mycenae / Ancient Corinth/ Epidaurus


Explore ancient cities, prehistoric citadels and glamorous temples in the wonderful nature of the Peloponnese.

Drive through Elefsis and Megara and arrive at the Corinth Canal for a shortstop, to take pictures of the great Canal which connects the Aegean and Ionian seas.After that at ancient Corinth, visiting the Apollo Temple and the major attractions.

You will visit the archaeological site, entering through the Lions Gate, see the royal palace and admire the splendid view.After enjoying a good lunch we will continue on to Nafplio and Epidaurus.The theater at Epidaurus is the best preserved ancient theater and admired for the amazing acoustics.

After the memorabilia shopping and a local lunch, we take the road back to Athens.

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